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Peugeot Vans

Peugeot are an automobile manufacturer based in Sochaux, in eastern France, with UK operations based in Coventry. Peugeot formed in 1810, as a family run coffee mill, going on to produce bicycles in 1830, and petrol-powered cars in 1890. The company had motorcycles and cars at the top of their agenda, paying no real attention to the commercial vehicle market, until their 1946 acquisition of van manufacturer Chanard & Walcker, and the production of their first proper van; the D4A.

With the SEVEL alliance with Fiat and Citroen, since 1981, a number of Peugeot's Commercial Vehicles are based on shared platforms. They range from the sleek and compact 207 Van, made for the tight streets of Europe's Urban Centres, up to the 1.6 tonne payload Boxer.

Peugeot's Commercial Vehicles come with a 3 year, or 60k/100k mile warranty, and are sold through 361 dealers nationwide.

  • 207 - Car Derived Van
  • Boxer - Large Panel Van
  • Bipper - Compact Van
  • New Partner - Small Panel Van
  • Expert - Medium Panel Van


Peugeot 207 Van - Car Derived Van

Peugeot 207 Van - Car Derived Van

Put the 207 Van on your workforce, and we think you’ll be seriously impressed. One look at its clean profile, dynamic lines and strong, iconically Peugeot front grille instantly tells you it means business. Get behind the wheel and you’ll know it means business. Sure-footed handling and all the performance you or your drivers could need means it not only delivers the goods on longer journeys, but it’s also exceptionally manoeuvrable around town. With a choice of either economical petrol or clean and efficient HDi diesel engines, the 207 Van respects the environment as much as it does your bottom line. And you can be reassured that it also comes equipped with a full line-up of active and passive safety systems to take care of your team when they’re out on the road.


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Peugeot Bipper - Compact Van

Peugeot Bipper - Compact Van

The Peugeot Bipper makes life easier for professionals looking for a compact commercial vehicle designed to go anywhere but particularly suited to city driving. Agile and manoeuvrable, it can be parked anywhere, without compromising on interior space. The Bipper is also the choice for economy with low running costs, an economical HDi engine and environmentally-friendly emissions of 119 g of CO2/km. In addition, the technical capability of Peugeot’s engines ensures excellent driving pleasure. Its style, with dynamic and rounded lines, expresses its modernity and strength. The four points that characterise the Bipper are: compactness, economy, driving pleasure and style. All these qualities are those of a dedicated professional, always ready and available to accomplish any task.


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Peugeot New Partner - Small Panel Van

Peugeot New Partner - Small Panel Van

When you choose the New Partner, you’re choosing more than a simple van. You’re buying a vision, Peugeot’s vision, created to satisfy the requirements of you and your drivers. This is based on real, practical benefits that will help you get the most out of your investment: carrying capacity, flexibility, driving pleasure, style and low running costs. These are the qualities of a true professional, always ready and willing to get the job done.


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Peugeot Expert - Medium Panel Van

Peugeot Expert - Medium Panel Van

Designed for professionals and by professionals, the Expert range combines style, practicality, dynamism and innovation. A true work tool, efficient and suited to the job, its equipment is functional and practical. The loading sill is the lowest on the market (when fitted with pneumatic suspension). The practical interior space can be used to its full capacity and hinged rear doors open to 180° to make loading easy. Better than a business card, your vehicle reflects your professional image. The Peugeot badge reflects your dynamism, your reliability and your performance. Comfortable and pleasant to drive, the Expert is designed for you and your business, and for those who are going to drive them.


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Peugeot Boxer - Large Panel Van

Peugeot Boxer - Large Panel Van

Much more than a simple means of transport, the Peugeot Boxer range offers vehicles specially designed for your business and for those who will drive them. Because no two businesses are the same, the Boxer range includes numerous models available in different heights and lengths, and offers a choice of three HDi engines. You can therefore be sure of finding the Boxer that meets your every requirement. Equipped with practical functions such as the loading sill, among the lowest on the market, and a very usable interior space, it adapts perfectly to all professional activities. All this with an innovative design which gives your business a dynamic and modern image every time you take to the road.


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Customer Service: 0845 200 1234

Peugeot Finance: 0845 080 0528



The Expert won Minibus of the Year in 2008, and jointly won the Compact Van of the Year award in 2010. Also in 2010, the Bipper jointly won the Light Van award.

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