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Frequently asked questions

Van valuations are essential for both buyers and sellers of a van. Buyers can ensure they pay the right price for the van, while sellers can make sure the van sells for the best price.

You can also value a van you are part-exchanging with a dealer. Just print your valuation report and take it with you as a useful negotiating tool.

With an online valuation, you'll get:

  • Three part exchange values, adjusted for the condition of the van
  • Price you would expect to pay at a van dealer
  • Price for private sale
  • An adjusted price taking optional extras into account
  • An appraisal tool to add any damage that may affect the price

Valuations from our provider, CAP, are valid until the end of the current calendar month, when CAP refreshes its valuation data.

CAP provides valuations for vehicles originally sold as new in the United Kingdom only.

Yes, you can select optional items that were factory fitted from new. However, not all options increase value and some may even reduce values.

Insurance companies take into account the actual condition of the van immediately before an accident. All valuations are based on either a private sale or part exchange transaction with a van dealer.

You can email CAP's support team at They will respond to your enquiry during office hours Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5.30pm. You will need to quote the unique reference number that is provided in the valuation certificate.

CAP valuations are used by experts across the motor industry from van dealers to motor finance lenders.

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